LocateAndFilter PRO version

Last updated 2022-08-25 ver. 1.5.42

* added php8 support
* migrate to latest ver leaflet-1.8.0
* added new type filter radio button
* added new geolocate from nominatim
* added reset for filters
* rangeslider filter fixed
* added Custom Sorting for filters
* tested last WP ver 6.0
* replace google layer by GoogleMutant js, added ‘hybrid’ style
* custom style for mapbox
* added search markers by location
* add animation of marker bouncing

Pro version
Supports Custom Post Types
Any taxonomy as a filter
Customizable markers
Customizable tooltips
Customizable marker list
Additional fields
Customizable Map Layouts
Supports any shortcodes on tooltips and nav list templates
Marker Clustering, setup Max Cluster Radius
Customizable select and Pretty checkbox
Addon Helper Class
Addon overlays
Fullscreen control
FitBounds option
Reset button
Zoom to marker
Canvas Markers faster load more then 10000 markers
new type of filter ‘radio button’
Custom Sorting for filters
Additional control layers by Bing satellite and Yandex satellite
Geolocate address from nominatim
Custom marker icon from media library
Available shortcode attribute for current category
search markers by location
animation of marker bouncing
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