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Add new Custom tags

This method allows you to define new custom tags.

Description : LocateAndFilter tags are pseudo-shortcodes of the form : |nameOfTag| , ex : |place_tags|
They are used in the navlist and tooltip template editors. They symbolize a piece of data and will be substituted by their value at runtime.

Args :
[array] $arr_tags : array of tags. Form expected: $arr_tags = array(field name => Tagname);
[string] $scope : The scope of the filters : a post type, “user” or “all” [string] $getDataCallbackFn : callback function name, gets the datas for passed field and marker ID [string] $addon_name : Addon name, no space or special char

Example : This will create a tag |place_tags|. The new tag appears in the backoffice, in the “Tooltips & Navlist” tab. You can now, if you want to, define a filter on that tag using Locate_And_Filter_Addon_Helper :: define_filters

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